Emissions, Smoke, and Air Quality

AirFire has done extensive work in the areas of wildland fire emissions, smoke, and air quality, including:

  • creating the BlueSky Modeling Framework that integrates a wide collection of models along the smoke modeling chain (fire information, fuel loadings, consumption modeling, emissions modeling, time rate of emissions modeling, plume height estimations, and smoke trajectory and dispersion modeling) that has been integrated into many different smoke prediction systems and scientific modeling efforts;
  • creation of the SmartFire platform that allows for associating, merging, and reconciling fire information from disparate sources including both satellite and ground based systems into a unified data stream;
  • creating a variety of tools for managers to help mitigate smoke impacts;
  • comprehensively analyzing uncertainties and errors in fire emissions and smoke modeling capabilities and uncertainties; and
  • developing new and improved scientific models for key components of fire emissions and smoke modeling.

Much more on these topics will be posted to this site as information is moved over from previous sites and new information documented.