Field Work

AirFire conducts field campaigns to measure weather, fuel moisture, and smoke.  We maintain a cache of portable weather stations including fuel and duff moisture sensors, flux towers, particulate matter sensors (primarily for PM2.5), CO sensors, black carbon measuring aethalometers, and smoke plume photogrammetry equipment.  We also work with partners in the USFS F&AM and the EPA to supplement our equipment on large scale deployments.

Currently we are participating in measurement campaigns at Joint Base Lewis McChord and Elgin Air Force Base.  Brian Potter of AirFire is the smoke lead for the Joint Fire Science Program RXCADRE field study.

Past studies have included:

  • Meteorological, flux tower, and smoke measurements for low-intensity smoke prescribed burns
  • Rapid response deployment of smoke monitors to wildfires in California, Montana, and Idaho.
  • Fuel moisture studies at Elgin Air Force base and at various sites in Alaska

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