2014 NEI for Wildland Fire FAQ

This page is to document frequently asked questions on the 2011 wildland fire NEI effort including:

  • Questions about how to submit data
  • Questions about how to interact with the effort
  • Questions about how the emissions will be processed


  • How do I submit data?
    Data can be sent directly to Sim Larkin (US Forest Service Research;  larkin (at) fs.fed.us) and Sean Raffuse (Sonoma Technology, Inc, under contract to the EPA and USFS;  sraffuse (at) sonomatech.com) by email.   Please cc Tesh Rao (EPA;  rao.venkatesh (at) epa.gov) on any data submissions as well.
  • Why are you doing this?
    We want to create the best possible NEI of wildland fire so that decisions that utilize the NEI (such as regulatory and policy decisions) can utilize the best possible information. We have re-designed SmartFire and BlueSky to be able to make use of your data in order to accomplish this.
  • My data is in FETS, do I need to do anything?
    Yes.  We cannot access your FETS data directly, nor without your explicit permission.  We are working with Tom Moore of the WRAP to enable a direct FETS feed when permission is given, or, if you have your data downloaded, you can submit them directly.
  • My data only has township and range or FIPS codes not latitude and longitude, is that okay?
    Yes.  While latitude and longitude are preferred where available, alternate location information is acceptable where it is the only (or most accurate) available data.
  • My data has missing pieces and errors, is that okay?
    Yes.  Even data that has substantial missing components (including missing data fields, errors in data fields such as latitude and longitude, and/or missing days) can be useful.  If you can, give us details on what you believe to be missing / in error.
  • I have crop burning data, do you want that?
    Yes, we will gladly accept the crop burning data.  We will pass the data along to the EPA and use it where possible to identify satellite detects that are crop burning and not wildland fire.  Because the crop burning emissions are done separately (by both a separate process and separate groups) for the NEI, we make no guarantees about how the data will eventually be incorporated into the NEI, but the ability to correctly segregate wildland fire and crop burning is useful.
  • How does Alaska fit in?
    For 2011, Alaskan wildfire emissions will be processed in an analogous fashion to CONUS data.  For this reason, Alaskan data can be submitted in the same way as the CONUS data.
  • Are emission factors regionalized?
    The emission factors used within the currently agreed upon processing stream (from the Fire Emissions Production Simulator) are somewhat regionalized.  We are working with groups of states and the EPA to see if there is agreement on using alternate emission factors.
  • How much of a difference do small fires make to my state?
    We are preparing a table to show the overall percentages of small fires by state.  Please check back here for more information.