2014 NEI Effort Collected Datasets

The following is a list of datasets we’ve received to date.  Please also see what information we are looking for, and a description of the overall 2011 NEI Effort including the FAQ.

Datasets we have received / have access to

National Corporate Databases:

We expect to get the following databases directly:

  • Incident Command System 209 Reports (national wildfire database)
  • GEOMAC fire perimeters (primarily wildfires)
  • FACTS (USFS prescribed fire database)
  • US FWS prescribed fire database
  • NFPORS (US DOI prescribed fire database)

State/Regional/Local Databases:

Not yet posted.  We have received several state databases to date and will put a list here once the 2014 NEI for wildland fire processing project begins.


This page is updated every few days.