BlueSky Playground

This page describes the effort behind the BlueSky Playground web tool.  The tool itself is located at Please report any bugs, issues, and suggestions to


BlueSky Playground would not be possible without the generous assistance and involvement of many people.  We particularly wish to thank the model and data developers who have created the great fire information, fuels information, consumption models, emissions factors, meteorological forecasts, and dispersion models used within Playground.

Fuels Information Datasets

FCCS – Fuels Characteristic Classification System, U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Dr. Don McKenzie

LANDFIRE – U.S. Forest Service Missoula Fire Lab


CONSUME – U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Drs. Roger Ottmar, Susan Prichart, and Clint Wright also many thanks to MTRI and Prof. Nancy French.


FEPS – U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Dr. Sam Sandberg


HYSPLIT – NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, esp. Dr. Roland Draxlar

VSMOKE-GIS – U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station, esp. Dr. Scott Goodrick

Meteorological Forecasts

National 12-km Forecast – from the National Weather Service NAM forecast model

PNW 4-km Forecast – from the Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium, lead Prof. Cliff Mass, University of Washington

California / Nevada 2-km Forecast – from the California / Nevada Smoke and Air Consortium (CANSAC), led by Prof. Tim Brown, Desert Research Institute

Development Team

Project Lead and Original Concept:   Sim Larkin, U.S. Forest Service AirFire Team
Development Work:  Sonoma Technology, Inc.
Development Project Manager:   Sean Raffuse, STI
Development Team (STI): Thom Dedecko, John Stilley, Ken Craig, Alan Healy, Daniel Pryden


Joint Fire Science Program
National Fire Plan
U.S. Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management
U.S. Forest Service Wildfire RD&A