For general inquires please contact:  Sim Larkin, Team Leader, larkin (at), 206.732.7849.

For incident support inquires please contact:  Miriam Rorig, mrorig (at), 206.732.7843.

The AirFire Team is:

  • Dr. Sim Larkin, Climatologist and Team Leader, larkin (at), 206.732.7849
  • Dr. Susan O’Neill, Air Quality Engineer, smoneill (at), 206.732.7851
  • Dr. Brian Potter, Meteorologist, bpotter (at), 206.732.7828
  • Miriam Rorig, Meteorologist, mrorig (at), 206.732.7843
  • Gina Wing, IT Specialist, gwing (at), 206.732.7821

of the U.S. Forest Service, along with our extended members:

  • Dr. Robert Solomon, Meteorologist, robert.airfire (at), 206.732.7850
  • Dr. Tara Strand, Scion Research, tara.strand (at)
  • Joel Dubowy, Software Engineer, jdubowy (at), 206.732.7811
  • Mr. Harry Podschwit, Graduate Student
  • Ms. Marlin Martinez, Graduate Student

Also see our list of partners (forthcoming).

Our FAX number is 206.732.7801.

Our mailing address is:

  • U.S. Forest Service
    Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory
    400 N. 34th St #201
    Seattle, Washington 98103
    Google Map