Where to find smoke model output

We are bringing systems back online. Currently, you can find CONUS wide forecasts here:

but you will have to walk down the directory structure as described below.

I am working on a better system, but here is the guide of where to go next:

  • NAM36 – the NAM 12km grid run for 36 forecast hours
  • NAM84 – the NAM 12km grid run for 84 forecast hours

Within each directory you will find names like:

  • 2013060100-0.08deg_hysplit
  • 2013060100-0.15deg_hysplit

This indicates the forecast hour of the meteorlogical data used (June 1, 2013 00Z run in this case) – the analysis grid used within hysplit (0.08deg =~ 9km or 0.15deg =~ 17km) _ the dispersion model used (hysplit).

Within each directory there are numerous files, but the main one to look at is

  • smoke_dispersion.kmz

Which will show you the smoke dispersion model output in Google Earth.

So here is the full link for one of the model runs for June 1, 2013:

Adjust the settings for the correct date, etc… or simply start at http://smoke.airfire.org/bluesky-daily/output/ and work your way down as described above.