AirFire supports incidents in CA, CO, ID, WY

This year AirFire has helped provide custom smoke modeling and smoke outlook support for wildfire incidents in Colorado and California, including:

  • Chips Fire, California
  • Halstead Fire, Idaho
  • Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado
  • High Park Fire, Colorado
  • Fontanelle Fire, Wyoming


Dr. Susan O’Neill joins AirFire

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Susan O’Neill has (re)joined AirFire!  Dr. O’Neill was a founding member of AirFire where she led development of many of AirFire’s smoke modeling tools before taking a position at the USDA National Resource Conservation Service.  Dr. O’Neill rejoins AirFire as our permanent Research Air Quality Engineer.

Welcome to our new site

We are migrating our content over to a more stable, and hopefully easier to navigate, system.  We expect that this process will necessarily continue for a period of time and ask for your patience in the meantime.  We are attempting to migrate the most critical information to this site first, but some legacy sites (such as the WFDSS-AQ help pages) will take some time to be processed.